Ren Douglas

1) Name

Ren Douglas

2) How Long Have You Been An Artist For?

Forever! 34 years or so

3) Favourite Medium and Why?

Watercolour for sure: it allows the light to shine beneath the vibrant colour so I get the best of both worlds

4) Your Favourite Subject to Paint?

Objects that have texture or tell a dramatic story. I love details and the juxtaposition of light and dark.

5) How Has Your Background and History Affected Your Art?

I was born in the Netherlands, my European family encouraged me to create art. I was encouraged to look closely at nature to discover details. As an art teacher, I emphasised creativity, colour and finding your own way of expressing yourself.

6) What Was The First Artwork You Sold?

A watercolour of vibrant autumn leaves at a juried art exhibition in Canada; it won a prize too.

7) What Work Are You Most Proud Of?

A large watercolour for the Busselton Art Prize called Testimony which featured both seaweed below the ocean and jetty planks and train above the ocean. It sold at our Busselton Art Society Gallery end of 2021.

8) Is It Hard to Part With Your Paintings?

Yes! I bond with my painting as I progress ever so slowly.

9) Are There Any You Wished You’d Kept?

Too many to mention, in fact, most of them.

10) How Do You Set Up A Painting Session? e.g. When the mood strikes, set a regular time, music, wine.

Now that I have a studio, I just go in, put on some lovely music and get started. Once I start, I’m happy to stay for hours.

11) What’s on your easel?

Boats and reflections on my watercolour board.

12) Favourite Artist?

I love all art that shows creativity, skill and passion.

13) Which Famous Artwork Do You Wish You’d Painted/Created?

VanGogh’s Starry Night – so much passion!

14) What’s One Piece of Advice You Can Offer To Someone Starting Out?

Just keep creating art, decide what you want to ‘say’ and don’t put it off until the conditions are perfect. Join art groups for the encouragement they provide.

15) As An Artist, What Are Your Goals for the Next 5 Years?

To keep painting, be part of MRROS, be part of BAS and Watercolour Society of WA, participate in many exhibitions while I can.

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