Pam Shanks

Painting depicting flowers

ARTIST INTERVIEW 1.8 – Featuring Pamela Shanks

1) How Long Have You Been An Artist For? I’ve been a painter most of my life but not sure I’d call myself an artist for all that time.

2) Favourite Medium and Why? Watercolour is my favourite but I also like to use acrylics

3) Your Favourite Subject to Paint? That would be nature, whether landscapes or botanics or tiny creatures.

4) How Has Your Background and History Affected Your Art? Both my father and his mother painted and as a family we visited art galleries and exhibitions often. I learnt to appreciate different styles and mediums early on.

5) What Was The First Artwork You Sold? It was a landscape in oils of a billabong. The buyer loved it but the gum trees always looked to me like stalks of parsley so it wasn’t something I was proud of!!!

6) What Work Are You Most Proud Of? Some of my botanic works , not necessarily those I sold.

7) Is It Hard to Part With Your Paintings? Some of them yes, some not. Some I’ve kept I was offered a lot for but didn’t want to part with them.

8) Are There Any You Wished You’d Kept? Only one, an acrylic of an early, misty morning sunrise after a storm.

9) Do you have a funny or interesting story about your art journey? An oil experiment I did once that was awful really. I put it out for the Council collection and someone picked it up. I later heard they hung it in their living room.

10) How Do You Set Up A Painting Session? *e.g. When the mood strikes, set a regular time, music, wine) Just when the mood takes me really, but I have to have to have space to work. I am very bad at keeping my art space tidy so often I just put things off.

11) What Are You Working On Right Now? Just miniatures of native bees, butterflies and flowers.

12) Favourite Artist? Favourite sculptor Barbara Hepworth. I also like her husband, Ben Nicholson’s paintings but also Constable’s clouds and the freedom of Turner.

13) What’s One Piece of Advice You Can Offer? Be yourself, paint, sculpt, create what you want to create that becomes a mirror of yourself.

14) As An Artist, What Are Your Goals for the Next 5 Years? To keep getting better and paint more often.

15) How long have you been involved with the Busselton Art Society? Since about the end of 2004.

16) What’s the thing you love most about being part of the Busselton Art Society? The companionship of like-minded people and be a part of such a varied and vibrant society with a long history.

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