Nettley King

1). How Long Have You Been An Artist For? – Over 60 years.

2). Favourite Medium? – I really enjoy both oils and acrylics.

3). Your Favourite Subject to Paint? – Landscapes, Seascapes, Animals and Cartoons

4). How Has Your Background and History Affected Your Art? – Ive always been good at drawing.

5). What Was The First Artwork You Sold? – A painting of the Bunbury silos. I painted it in 1988 and it’s always held a special place in my heart. I am most proud of this one.

6). Is It Hard To Part With Your Paintings? -Sometimes but it’s nice to see them enjoyed by others.

7.) How Do You Set Up A Painting Session? – I schedule regular times to paint and set the mood with plenty of music.

8.) Favourite Artist? – D’Arcy Doyle.

9.) What’s One Piece Of Advice You Can Offer? – Just enjoy doing your painting.

10.) As An Artist, What Are Your Goals For The Future? – To keep painting.

11.) How Long Have You Been Involved With the Busselton Art Society? – Since around 1975 – almost 45years!

12.) What’s The Thing You Love Most About Being Part of the Busselton Art Society? – The lifelong friendships you make with likeminded people

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