Lesley Curtis

1) Name

Lesley Curtis.

2) How Long Have You Been An Artist For?

Approximately 10 years.

3) Favourite Medium and Why?

Gouache – Colours are intense, which is required for my favourite subject.

4) Your Favourite Subject to Paint?

Birds and Animals.

5) How Has Your Background and History Affected Your Art?

Birds have always fascinated me. The Kaleidoscope of colour & enduring personalities is one of nature’s treasures.

6) What Was The First Artwork You Sold?

Well that’s a real trip down memory lane! My first painting sold was red poppies on a black background.

7) What Work Are You Most Proud Of?

Sacred Kingfishers – Airbrushed background painted in Gouache’ on canvas board.

8) Is It Hard to Part With Your Paintings?

No. It’s a thrill to know others enjoy my work and are proud to have it hang in their home.

9) Are There Any You Wished You’d Kept?

No, my artworks are out there to be enjoyed.

10) Do you have a funny or interesting story about your art journey?

I journeyed to Bathurst in NSW to attend the Art Scene Summer School where I was tortured by Paul Margocsy.

11) How Do You Set Up A Painting Session? (e.g. When the mood strikes, set a regular time, music, wine)

Preparation include a lot of research and thought.

12) What’s on your easel?

Large painting of Red Tail Black (cockatoos).

13) Favourite Artist?

Paul Margocsy and William T Cooper (dec).

14) Which Famous Artwork Do You Wish You’d Painted/Created?

Any works by William T Cooper.

15) What’s One Piece of Advice You Can Offer?

Never give up and go with the frustration when what’s in the mind doesn’t transpose to the work surface.

16) As An Artist, What Are Your Goals for the Next 5 Years?

Keep developing my style and gain enjoyment from the results of brush on canvas.

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