Dee Credaro

1) Name: Dee Credaro

2) How Long Have You Been An Artist For? I think I have been an artist my whole life, first with dance, creative writing and then martial arts. I began with visual arts in my early 20’s when pregnancies and small children slowed me down and I needed a creative outlet. With an artistic mother, visual art was the obvious solution.

3) Favourite medium and why? My favourite medium is whatever I am working on in the moment, but I am most comfortable with soft pastels, as I spent 7 years with these as my creative go-to. I still revisit them occasionally.

4 Favourite subject to paint? Favourite subjects of mine are all things Australian. I love the colours and vivid reality of our part of the world. That is not to say I don’t occasionally stray from this (I DO love big cats), but I will never tire of our country.

5) How Has Your Background and History Affected Your Art? My background as a 4th generation farmer means I have a special corner in my affections for rural subjects, sheep, cattle, horses, dogs, old farm houses and sheds, windmills and old gates, landscapes and summer colours etc. These will always figure prominently in my work.

6) What Was The First Artwork You Sold? It’s been a long time, but I think the first piece I sold might have been a pastel of rainbow lorikeets, sold to the then framers who framed it. They followed this up with a commission portrait.

7) What Work Are You Most Proud Of? There are always favourite pieces along the way, but I am most proud of being able to share what I have experienced, and encourage artists who may not be as far along on their journey in my workshops. Having one of them come to me excited to have sold their first painting started in a workshop of mine, or ecstatic because they finally “get it” and are tearing ahead with another piece, makes me proud and happy and satisfied.

8) Is It Hard to Part With Your Paintings? It is only hard to part with favourites that I have had for too long, or for those that see the light of day and get sold so quickly that I have not yet had enough enjoyment time LOL. Otherwise, I love for people to be able to connect and afford a piece that sings to them.

9) Are There Any You Wished You’d Kept? There were a couple pastels way back in the early 90’s that I wouldn’t mind having back again, but otherwise work needs to keep moving to make space for more.

10) Do you have a funny or interesting story about your art journey? One of the media that I currently work in is porcelain painting. One of my close friends had done this for a long time, but I had never really felt the appeal. However, when another member had a “paint your own mug” mini workshop, mixing the pigments to make the oil paints got me hooked. I now spend a considerable amount of time with this medium. (Thanks Aileen !!!)

11) How Do You Set Up A Painting Session? e.g. When the mood strikes, set a regular time, music, wine My life is so crazy at the moment that I don’t get much time to really get into my art. Most of the pieces I do are small and can be picked up and put down, and are very portable. Other pieces are started during workshops as demos and then finished down the track. ANY time I can scrape in for art is precious.

12) What’s on your easel? I currently have 6 pieces in various stages of done, a mosaic that is waiting for grouting, a large pyrography piece which still needs about 8 hours of burning, a wood panel with horses sketched on black, a colour pencil piece almost ready for the framer, a commission portrait sketch part done and a sketch on a mirror awaiting the right moment.

13) Favourite Artist? My favourite artist changes from time to time. I have always loved D’Arcy Doyle’s colours and way of telling a story. I have adored Ken Rasmussen’s early work. There are contemporary artists on FB and Instagram whose work I follow and really appreciate, including Wanda Comrie, Fi Wilke, Colley Whisson, Stephie Clark, Lucy Davies, Graham Berry, Jaime Byrd and Magdalena Morey.

14) Which Famous Artwork Do You Wish You’d Painted/Created? I don’t wish I had done any other art works. If I had, they would not be the same. I would much rather make my own art and appreciate others’.

15) What’s One Piece of Advice You Can Offer? The most important piece of advice I could offer anyone, is to do your art for YOU. Please YOU. If you make art that you connect with and like, someone else will connect with it too, and that’s a bonus.

16) As An Artist, What Are Your Goals for the Next 5 Years? As an artist, I am looking forward to a time when I can spend a lot more time exploring my own creative tendencies, evolving and seeing where it all takes me. With some luck, this will start to happen in the next few years.

17) How long have you been involved with the Busselton Art Society? I was a member in the art society briefly in the late 80’s early 90’s, but didn’t really become an active member till joining again about 14-15 years ago and being dumped in the deep end as secretary. It’s been a wild ride!

18) What’s the thing you love most about being part of the Busselton Art Society? I am very proud of where our art society is going and the way it is evolving. The rooms are a happy place of social connection and creative output. We are also connected to other art groups in the southwest, and the interconnections help to promote visual arts. I love being a part of that.

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