Daphne Preston

  • ARTIST PROFILE 1.7 – the wonderful Daphne Preston
  • 1) How long have you been an artist for? – My first experience with painting was when I joined the Busselton Art Society Inc. in 2001, after completing Drawing 000, 010 and 110, and Illustrating Techniques 001 at the Busselton TAFE
  • 2) Favourite medium and why? – Watercolour is my passion as I enjoy the challenge of the medium, and the soft clear colours are to my liking.
  • 3) Your favourite subject to paint? – Still life, flowers, grass trees. The Native bush is full of wonderful subjects. The colours and textures of Eucalyptus leaves, nuts, seed pods and blossom are amazing to capture,
  • 4) How has your background and history affected your art? – I always enjoyed going to art exhibitions and even purchased several paintings from Art in the Park (I still have these displayed in my home). On trips away, I usually came back with art work, never thinking that one day I would enjoy painting because my main interest was always embroidery!
  • 5) What work are you most proud of? – So many wonderful painting of flowers, But “JOY” (which won Best Overall Most Outstanding painting in Art in the Park 2007) was a very special painting.
  • 6) Is it hard to part with your paintings? – No, it is so wonderful when people admire your work, and they meet you years later and say they are just so happy they purchased your art.
  • 7) Are there any you wished you’d kept? – No, but I have kept my White Roses painting, displayed in my home – my pride and joy.
  • 8) Do you have any interesting stories about your art journey? – I have enjoyed my time in the Art Society and their help and guidance over the years.
  • 9) How do you set up painting sessions? e.g. when the mood strikes, set a regular time, music, wine – I do my best work when it is quiet
  • 10) What art work are you working on right now? – If I was not filling in this questionnaire, a watercolour painting of Eucalyptus and Banksia nuts and leaves that is not going too well – I am drawing as I go. I’m also drawing some Roosters in ink. I hope to have them finished for Art in the Park in January.
  • 11) Favourite artist? – Sir Russell Flint, I have three of his paintings (sorry, they are only limited prints). Just so lovely, I enjoy looking at them every day.
  • 12) What’s one piece of advice you can offer to new artists? I find new artists have their own ideas.
  • 13) As an artist, what are your goals for the next 5years? – Just enjoy, and to do more drawing. One thing about leaves, it doesn’t matter how they look.
  • 14) How long have you been involved in the Busselton Art Society? – I joined in 2001, so I have been a member for 21 years, and have been on several committees; Treasurer, Library, A.I.P., Gallery, and found being involved very rewarding. I was also the Agricultural Society Art Steward for 12years.
  • 15) What do you love about about being part of the Busselton Art Society?- The friendship

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